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Welcome to O Pedro!

O Pedro pulses with the energies of Goa's lazy days and joyous, buzzing evenings, transforming over the day just as Goa does. Our drinks bring back the fun of tropical living and our simple, yet sophisticated food reflects the region's stunning culinary diversity.

Our food is inspired by the shared history of the country and state, but not stolen from it. It's a melting pot of Goan and Portuguese culinary influences, with an added O Pedro charm! It's time to feast on flavours borrowed from a small sunshine state, made big at O Pedro!

Our Story

Your Goan Bar & Restaurant

Flew from Porto, Sat atop a Goan home, And sang O Pedro, To the sound of a saxophone!

Come celebrate the good days and make the rough ones better, just like the Goans do.

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We create experiences around what we love most–food & drinks!



Now your Goan getaway is just a phone call away! For reservations, call us or email us and our Patraos will help you out!

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Made in Goa, for the city of Mumbai, your happy place awaits!

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