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Nestled behind the frangipani trees of the Jet Airways-Godrej BKC Building in Bandra-Kurla Complex, O Pedro was made in Goa for the city of Mumbai. A confluence of Goa and Portugal, inspired by the markets of Mapusa to the homes of Margao, the bakeries of Belem to the cliffs of Algarve as well as the secrets collected from the Saraswat Brahmins and Goan Catholics. 

Expect drinks that bring back the fun of tropical living; simple, sophisticated food that reflects Goa’s stunning culinary diversity, going back to its Portuguese influences and further beyond; and a vibe influenced by the stories and rhythms of our palm-fringed neighbour state. O Pedro pulses with the energy of Goa’s lazy days and joyous, buzzing evenings, transitioning from one to another over the day just as Goa does. It’s a celebration of a place everyone loves - as well as one only insiders really know. The real Goa isn’t just a getaway from the city, after all. It’s a state of mind and a way of life!

Our Philosophy

O Pedro was born out of the desire to give Bombay a small escape away from the constant hustle, a space to forget your worries for a while and a place to savour great food, drinks and conversations! Ask a local from the city what his happy place is and he will say Goa! For Goa is not just full of great food and drinks, brimming with picturesque bylanes and animated individuals, Goa is also so loving and forgiving and that leaves you with a happy heart always! With O Pedro, we want to restore that exact feeling in our happy place that shines bright in BKC among this concrete mayhem.

About Goa

While most people associate the cuisine of Goa with what little comes to the surface, through our journey we discovered that Goa is far beyond that notion. Goa is home to the cuisine of not just the Goan Catholics but also of the rich diverse Gaud Saraswats. The dream with our food, drinks and service is to knit together the love, warmth and familiarity of Goa and bring it to you, shaken, stirred and however you please!

Our Food & Drinks

We call our food ‘inspired’ and not authentic for it brings together all the flavours that still linger through our minds while we traversed the lengths of Goa and Portugal, with a little O Pedro spin!

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