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O Pedro's Fat Carnival Brunch | Every Sat & Sun in March - April 2019


O Pedro's Fat Carnival is here all through March and April to give your weekends a festive makeover, inspired by the annual Goan Carnival. We’re partnering with Stranger & Sons, the new Gin on the block hailing from Goa, they share our love for all things homegrown. Skipping past the floats and masks, we’re celebrating the real spirit of Goa with heart-melting food, head-swirling cocktails (think gin, gin and lots of gin) plus, the opening of our beloved, Uncle Juju’s Jujubes Shop. Get your fill of the town’s fattest brunch and drink many drinks! 

Bob your head to the best of Rock n Roll at our Saturday DJ Nights and Sunday Brunch Live Acts with two local bands:


The Latecomers are a pop-jazz quintet based in Mumbai who love a new take on old things. Messing around with and reworking everything from good old jazz standards to cheesy pop tunes. For The Latecomers, no genre is off-limits and there is no such thing as a bad idea. They consist of a Lawyer, a Chef, a Drummer, an Engineer and a Pianist.

ALL THROUGH MARCH AND APRIL | Every Saturday & Sunday | 11:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Celebrate the real spirits of Goa. Come hungry and leave happy every weekend!


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